Karachi Water Supply Restored After Dhabeji Pumping Station Issue

Water supply to Karachi from the Dhabeji Pumping Station has resumed. According to a Water Corporation spokesperson, the disruption was due to a power breakdown that affected a 72-inch diameter pipeline. The repair work has been completed, ensuring water is again flowing to the city.

The spokesperson explained that the power issue caused a temporary halt in water supply, but swift action was taken. Upon receiving the report, Water Board officials immediately went to the site. They inspected the damaged pipeline and carried out the necessary repairs on an emergency basis. The quick response ensured minimal inconvenience for Karachi residents.

With the repairs finished, the water supply from Dhabeji Pumping Station is back to normal. Karachi residents can rest assured that the issue has been resolved and the water flow has been restored efficiently. This prompt action highlights the Water Board’s dedication to maintaining essential services for the city.

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