Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam Trains Extension Workers On Climate-Resilient Farming

HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 1st May, 2024) In a concerted effort to address the challenges posed by climate change and ensure food security at the grassroots level, Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) Tandojam has recently conducted a pivotal three-day training session focused on climate-resilient agriculture, specifically tailored for agricultural extension workers from Thatta, Sindh, the session aimed at bolstering agricultural productivity in coastal areas.

This collaborative initiative between Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam, Islamic Relief Pakistan, and the Norwegian Embassy underscores a shared dedication to fostering resilience and sustainability in agriculture, thereby enhancing the welfare of coastal communities in Sindh, Pakistan.

Dr. Fateh Marri, the Vice Chancellor of SAU Tandojam, underscored the significance of arming extension workers with requisite technology and skills. He emphasized the pivotal role of extension workers in advocating for sustainable agricultural practices, encompassing marketing, crop diversification, and soil and water management techniques tailored to coastal regions.

Dr. Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar, Director of University Advancement and Financial Assistance, outlined the training’s objectives, emphasizing the imperative of imparting climate-resilient practices to coastal communities through extension advisory services. He stressed the crucial role of extension workers in disseminating valuable information to ameliorate livelihoods in vulnerable regions.

Khadim Hussain Soomro, representing Islamic Relief Pakistan, reiterated the organization’s dedication to empowering communities in Sindh.

He underscored the training’s value in enhancing the knowledge and skills of extension workers, ultimately benefiting coastal communities.

The training session, attended by extension workers from Thatta district and faculty members from Sindh Agriculture University, aimed to equip participants with practical insights and strategies for effectively implementing climate-resilient agricultural practices.
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