Pakistan Celebrates Labour Day with a Public Holiday on May 1st

As the world commemorates International Labour Day, Pakistan joins in to honor the tireless efforts of its workforce. The day serves as a beacon, illuminating the importance of workers’ rights and their relentless struggle for a safer working environment.

The country is buzzing with activities, including rallies and seminars, all echoing the call for equitable wages – a recurring theme resonating across these events.

The plight of workers in Pakistan, often grappling with underpayment and hazardous working conditions, underscores the urgency of this day. It’s a moment to appreciate the workers’ invaluable contributions to society, from delivering essential services to constructing infrastructure.

President Message on Labor Day

President Asif Zardari has reiterated the government’s commitment to honor the labor force and acknowledge their historical struggles. He underscored the need to safeguard workers’ rights, ensure fair wages, and maintain safe working conditions.

Highlighting the challenges faced by Pakistani laborers, including inflation, unemployment, and the impacts of climate change, he stressed the state’s duty to enforce anti-exploitation policies and provide social support.

The President also called upon employers to adopt fair wage policies, prioritize worker safety, and equip workers with necessary training and protective gear in hazardous workplaces.

Prime Minister Sentiments to Labors

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif echoed similar sentiments, affirming his government’s dedication to enhancing labor welfare and aligning domestic labor laws with international standards.

In his International Labor Day message, the premier saluted the workers who have made significant sacrifices in their fight for rights.

Sharif emphasized that improving occupational safety and health across various sectors is a top priority for the government. He announced the upcoming National Tripartite Labour Conference, set to focus on safety and health issues.
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