Islamabad Traffic Police Expands Driving License Services to Nationwide Applicants

In a move to enhance citizen services, Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has announced that it will now issue driving licenses to all citizens, regardless of their residential address. This service will also be extended to elderly residents, who will receive their permits directly at their homes.

The announcement was made by Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi during the inauguration of ITP’s Mobile Facilitation and Educational Units on Monday. The minister emphasized that ensuring comprehensive citizen services in Islamabad remains a top priority.

Streamlined Process for Students

The ITP will facilitate students in acquiring licenses at their educational institutions, saving them valuable time. The minister stated, “Today, we are formally introducing a service to streamline the process of obtaining and renewing learner’s and driving licenses for college and university students.”

No Discrimination

Minister Naqvi assured that the ITP will issue licenses to all citizens without discrimination, regardless of their temporary or permanent residence status outside Islamabad.

Addressing Traffic Challenges

The minister acknowledged the traffic challenges in the capital and announced upcoming projects aimed at addressing these issues. He also reiterated the commitment to uphold the Supreme Court’s directives on tackling encroachments in public spaces, emphasizing a zero-tolerance stance on such violations.
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