CAP Marks 16 Years Of Heritage Preservation

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 1st May, 2024) The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) commemorated its 16th anniversary with a grand

celebration at the National History Museum, underscoring its steadfast dedication to preserving

the rich heritage of Pakistan.

Founded in 2007, the CAP has been at the forefront of safeguarding the nation’s history, culture,

and identity through its innovative initiatives.

The CAP’s pioneering oral history program, launched in 2008, stands as a testament to its commitment

to capturing the diverse narratives that shape Pakistan‘s collective memory. With over 5,000 oral histories and 600,000 images in its digital archive, the CAP has curated a treasure trove of invaluable resources for researchers, students, and the public.

A notable highlight of CAP’s legacy is the National History Museum (NHM) Lahore, Pakistan‘s first digital interactive museum inaugurated in partnership with the Parks and Horticulture Authority and the Government of Punjab in March 2018. NHM offers immersive experiences through cutting-edge technology, allowing visitors to engage with Pakistan‘s history in unprecedented ways.

Reflecting on the CAP’s remarkable journey, co-founder Sadaf Rehman emphasized its enduring legacy as a vital resource for future generations to connect with their heritage. Pakistani politician Fauzia Kasuri expressed her admiration for the CAP’s efforts in preserving the nation’s history, underscoring the emotional impact of experiencing the museum firsthand.
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