A Threat to Women’s Privacy Online?

In the digital age, deepfake technology has emerged as a new threat to personal privacy and dignity, with public figures often becoming its victims. Recently, Aroob Jatoi, a renowned social media influencer and the spouse of popular Pakistani YouTuber Saad ur Rehman, better known as Ducky Bhai, found herself at the center of such an incident.

A deepfake video featuring Aroob Jatoi circulated online, causing significant harm to her reputation. The video quickly went viral, making headlines in local media and trending on various apps.

As the alleged leaks became a hot topic, Aroob Jatoi bravely addressed the issue on social media. She expressed her concerns about the dark side of deepfake technology and its potential to violate individuals’ privacy, particularly women’s.

Aroob acknowledged the existence of the video and called for measures to ensure the safety and security of women. Her response came days after her husband, Ducky Bhai, posted a video online, vowing to help identify the creators behind such deepfake videos.

Ducky Bhai’s Reward Offer

Saad ur Rehman known as Ducky Bhai a well-known internet personality recognized for his vlogs and insights, also stepped forward in this matter. He offered a reward of Rs 1 million to anyone who could provide credible information leading to the unmasking of the individuals behind the deepfake video.

Aroob Jatoi is a prominent internet personality and Ducky Bhai’s wife. She is known for sharing lifestyle content, including vlogs about marriage, family, and travel. Her Instagram account, aroob_jatoi, and other platforms have amassed millions of followers.

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