20kg Bag Now Available for Rs2,000

  • Price of 20kg flour bag reduced by Rs200
  • New price fixed at Rs2,000
  • Decrease in wheat prices in open market cited as reason for reduction
  • Flour Mills Association urges government to lift inter-provincial ban on wheat sale
  • Open market price of 40-kg wheat drops to Rs3,200, below government support price.

In a significant development, the price of a 20 kilogramme flour bag has dropped substantially in Punjab, bringing relief to consumers. The new price of a 20kg flour bag has been fixed at Rs2,000, down from Rs2,800 in previous days.

According to Flour Mills Association Chairman Asim Raza, the reduction in price is a direct result of decreasing wheat prices in the open market. He urged the government to lift the inter-provincial ban on the sale of wheat to help farmers avoid losses.

The price of 40-kg wheat has dropped to Rs3,200 in the open market, significantly lower than the government-announced support price of Rs3,900. This development is expected to benefit consumers and farmers alike.

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