Traffic Police Launch Crackdown On Overloaded, Heavy Transport Vehicles In Abbottabad

ABBOTTABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 30th Apr, 2024) Traffic police Abbottabad in collaboration with Motor vehicle Examiner (MVE) and staff Tuesday have started a crackdown against heavy transport vehicles to check the violation of prescribed weight limit and curb overloading.

Digital barriers have been installed at various key locations to effectively intercept overloaded heavy vehicles and imposed heavy fines on those vehicles found violating the weight limit.

Following directives from SSP Traffic, Tariq Mahmood Khan, the Abbottabad Traffic Police, along with MVE representative Anwar Khan, have commenced operations targeting overloaded heavy vehicles exceeding permissible loading limits, as outlined in fix excel loading instructions.

To enforce these measures, checkpoints have been established at the junctures including Khokhar Mera and Dhamtor Bypass.

Mobile digital weighing machines are being employed to inspect the loading of heavy vehicles using fix excel records. vehicles found surpassed the fix excel limits were imposed heavy fines as per regulations.
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