Rana Hopes Hockey Team To Glorify Pakistans Name In Azlan Shah Tournament

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 30th Apr, 2024) Chairman of the Prime Minister‘s Youth Programme(PMYP), Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan on Tuesday expressed hope that the hockey team selected on merit would hopefully glorify the name of Pakistan at the international level in the Azlan Shah Tournament scheduled in Malaysia.

Talking to the media at Pakistan Sports board, Hockey Stadium, he said that the selection of the hockey team had been made on merit to revive the glory of the “National Game” while issues of the hockey federation would be resolved amicably with the consultations of all stakeholders.

“There is no lack of talent among Pakistani youth and the nation’s morale raises by the success in the games.”

He said that the promotion of sports activities was the priority of the government and plans were being made to re-start hockey in schools, colleges and universities and encourage departmental hockey.

Rana Mashhood said that the government would soon introduce a sports policy while Rs 5 billion will be invested in the endowment fund to upgrade sports in the country.

Earlier the Chairman of PMYP while talking to team members appreciated their passion and dedication to represent the nation at the international level.

Expressing his unwavering faith in the selection process undertaken to unify the team, he stressed the importance of implementing merit in nurturing talent and promoting excellence in sports.

He praised the players for their tireless hard work and firm commitment to the game which has earned them the honor of representing Pakistan in this prestigious tournament.

He assured the team of the resolute support of the nation and pledged to stand with them as they strive to raise the profile of Pakistan on the global horizon of hockey.

As the national hockey team is gearing up to showcase their talent and compete against strong opponents in the Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament 2024, the Chairman Youth Program urged the players to show courage, determination and exemplary behaviour, which are the hallmarks of sports.

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