President SCCI Served Defamation Notice Over Corruption Allegations Against Former Secretary

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 30th Apr, 2024) Ex-Secretary Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), Sajjad Aziz has served a defamation notice to President SCCI, Faud Ishaq over leveling corruption allegations against him.

The legal notice seeks an apology from President SCCI within seven days period over the levelling of baseless allegations of corruption against Sajjad Aziz.

In case of non-compliance over the seven-day apology tendering period, a legal proceeding of defamation suit of Rs. 500 million will be initiated against President SCCI in a court of law, reads the notice.

It merits a mention here that President SCCI, Faud Ishaq addressed a press conference on April 25, last, accusing Sajjad Aziz and two other employees of Sarhad Chamber of their involvement in the embezzlement of millions of rupees in the trade body of the provincial metropolis.

The accusations of the SCCI president were strongly rebutted by Sajjad Aziz by issued a press statement on the same day.

The legal notice further reads that accusations made by Faud Ishaq are untruthful, have no proof, and badly damaged his reputation.

The press conference, it further reads, is based on covering misdeeds and irregularities of the President himself. president SCCI has been asked to retract his statement and seek an apology within seven days from Ex-Secretary SCCI, Sajjad Aziz.
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