Old and Broken Buildings of Karachi to Be Evacuated Soon

In a recent development, Karachi’s city administration has taken a decisive step towards public safety. The focus is on the city’s dilapidated buildings, declared hazardous and set for evacuation.

A meeting presided over by Karachi’s Commissioner, Syed Hassan Naqvi, set the ball rolling. The attendees, comprising of key officials, deliberated on the precarious state of the city’s aging structures.

Deputy commissioners across districts received instructions to identify and report on buildings posing a risk to public safety within their jurisdictions. A week’s deadline has set for the submission of these reports.

Assistant Commissioner South, Junaid Alam, presented an assessment of the damaged buildings in the South district. It resolved that deputy commissioners would conduct a detailed evaluation of such buildings in their respective districts over the next week.

Commissioner Naqvi stressed the urgency of mitigating the risks these buildings pose. He urged officials to collaborate with the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) to ensure the implementation of necessary measures.

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation requested by Commissioner Naqvi to assess the old markets and historic buildings under its purview and address any safety concerns promptly.

On March 31, a residential building near Ranchor Lines partially collapsed, leaving five individuals stranded. Fortunately, all rescued safely, underscoring the importance of the city administration’s new directive.

This initiative by the city administration highlights the importance of public safety in the face of aging infrastructure. The proactive identification and evacuation of dilapidated buildings across Karachi is a significant step towards ensuring the well-being of its residents.

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