AJK PMr Pledges Support For Workers On World Labor Day

MIRPUR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 30th Apr, 2024) Azad Jammu Kashmir Prime Minister Chaudhry Anwar ul Haq reaffirmed the government‘s commitment to prioritize the welfare of the working class, aligning with Islamic principles, constitutional mandates, and international labor standards.

In a message released ahead of World Labor Day, Prime Minister Haq emphasized the revered status of hard work in islam, quoting a saying by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that underscores the prompt payment of wages to employees.

He underscored Islam’s emphasis on diligence and its recognition of the rights of workers.

Reflecting on the historic Chicago movement, the Prime Minister credited the tireless efforts of the labor movement for the world‘s development.

He paid homage to the pioneers of the first labor movement, initiated by Kashmiri laborers in Srinagar in 1865, who faced oppression and violence from Dogra forces.

Prime Minister Haq assured that the government is dedicated to uplifting economically disadvantaged segments of society, with reforms aimed at benefiting the working class in health and education sectors.

He pledged to combat exploitation of workers and ensure their rights, promising legal and administrative reforms to enhance wages, provide a conducive work environment, health facilities, and protection of their rights.

In conclusion, he vowed strict enforcement of labor laws to address the challenges faced by workers across various sectors.


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