Punjab New Academic Year for 2025 to Start from March 1

In a landmark decision, the Punjab Education Ministry has announced a series of significant reforms aimed at revolutionizing the education sector in the province. The changes, which agreed upon after successful negotiations between the provincial education minister and the Punjab Education Association, will come into effect from March 1, 2025.

New Academic Year to Start from March 1

The most notable change is the shift in the start date of the new academic year, which will now commence on March 1 instead of April 1. This move expected to bring the province in line with international standards and provide students with a more conducive learning environment.

Annual Exams to be Completed by February 28

Furthermore, all annual examinations will now completed by February 28, ensuring that students have ample time to prepare for their exams and reducing the burden of last-minute cramming.

In a move aimed at strengthening the leadership of primary schools, middle school teachers will now be appoint as heads of primary schools. This decision expected to bring experienced educators to the forefront of primary education and improve the overall quality of education.

The provincial government has also announce that all 14,000 assistant education officers will regularized by June 30, providing job security and stability to these essential education professionals.

Promotions for SST Teachers

SST teachers in the 17 and 18 scales will promoted and appointed as heads of high schools, recognizing their experience and expertise in the field.

These reforms mark a significant shift in the education landscape of Punjab and expected to have a positive impact on the quality of education in the province.

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