NADRA doorstep Service Bringing Improvement In CNIC Issuance System

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 29th Apr, 2024) The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) “doorstep service” is not only bringing improvement in the CNIC issuance system but also simplifies the process.

The differently-abled citizens can get their digital IDs without much disturbance through doorstep services, said an official of NADRA here Monday.

Talking to APP Muhammad Shakeel, said that effort highlights NADRA’s commitment to inclusion and its strong dedication to providing CNICs at people’s doorsteps particularly those who have some physical issues or disability.

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) official, while giving a briefing to the press, said that the initiative is focusing on NADRA’s objective of empowering people with disabilities.

He highlighted how the community will be a great beneficiary of this service, ensuring the accessibility and diversity.

He further said that the objective was first implemented in 2009, adding that Special CNIC services has long been recognized as an important tool in Pakistan to close the gap and guarantee the rights and benefits of PWDs.

NADRA’s dedication to inclusivity and empowerment is verified by the Special Helpline 1777, created to act as a centralized support hub and offer comprehensive assistance and guidance on NADRA’s identification services, including the home-based CNIC issuing process. He added that through this programme, NADRA officers personally visit homes where they verify documents, capture biometric data, and finally issue CNICs, for ensuring equality in obtaining a key identification document for the disabled population.

He underscored that it is important to dismantle barriers to accessing essential services.

The CNIC offers opportunities ranging from multiple operations like job quotas, discounts on utilities, consumable and transportation. However, due to their transportation issues or other physical constraints, many PWDs found it impossible to avail NADRA services even with a special CNIC. Due to this problem, NADRA tried an exempted CNIC option to provide PWD residents directly through its door-to-door service programme, he added.
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