Half Of Abbottabad City Drowns After Two Hours Of Continuous Heavy Rain

ABBOTTABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 28th Apr, 2024) Half of Abbottabad city drowned on Sunday after two hours of continuous heavy rain, causing widespread devastation throughout the area. The persistent downpour disrupted normal life and left behind scenes of destruction.

Flash floods inundated most parts of the city, including Mandian, Supply, Jhangi Qazian, Jhangi Saydan, Sir Syed Colony, and other areas. Furniture and household items were swept away in several parts of the city. Main roads such as KKH, Murree Road, Kakul Road, Mandian, Supply Bazaar, and Link Road were submerged, turning residential areas into virtual cesspools.

Numerous thoroughfares and connecting roads in Galyat, Thandiani, were destroyed by heavy rain, landslides, and flash floods. Several areas have been declared disaster-stricken zones.

The calamitous rains led to hundreds of vehicles being stranded on various roads as flash floods inundated them. The heavy rains have disrupted the lifestyle of residents, with many makeshift houses destroyed by floods.

Efforts are underway to provide relief and support to the affected communities as they cope with the aftermath of the destructive weather.

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