ASP Sheharbano Naqvi Stuns in Her Regal Wedding Photos

In a harmonious blend of courage and elegance, globally acclaimed police officer, Syeda Shehrbano Naqvi, known for her heroic rescue of a distressed woman from a hostile crowd, recently embarked on a new journey of marital bliss with Syed Ishtiaq Naqvi.

Video Credits: 24NewsHD

The nuptial ceremony, held over the weekend, was a star-studded event with an array of guests from the entertainment industry, close friends, and family. The anticipation was palpable among social media enthusiasts who eagerly awaited glimpses of the grand celebration.

Shehrbano, the bride, was the epitome of regal beauty, adorned in exquisite royal jewelry, intricately designed, that added to her radiant charm. The internet was abuzz with admiration for the officer’s captivating smile captured in the viral wedding photos.

The festivities also included a Qawwali night, graced by the presence of the star of ‘Ishq Murshid’, Door Fashan. The event was a testament to the officer’s popularity, not just for her bravery, but also for her charismatic persona.

This celebration comes after Shehrbano’s commendable act of valor that earned her international recognition and an honorable invitation from Saudi Arabia. As she steps into this new phase of life, netizens continue to shower their good wishes, admiring the beauty and bravery of this remarkable police officer.
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