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SARGODHA, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 28th Apr, 2024) People of Sargodha Sunday demanded the authorities concerned to take immediate action against professional beggars, as their number was increasing day by day in the city especially marketplaces and at traffic signals.

Muhammad Ashraf Bhutta, a resident of Zafar Colony, said beggars were found roaming around in all streets of the city, some with fake medical prescriptions, asking for alms, and a majority of them tell lies to get public sympathies, he said.

Some beggars not only beg by visiting door to door and causing annoyance for residents, but are also involved in criminal activities, he added.

Beggars flock to roads, parks, markets, traffic signals, and other public places, besides creating problems and hurdles for commuters, shopkeeper Muhammad Farooq said.

A female buyer, Amna Ali, demanded authorities take action against them as the increasing trend of begging could also become a security threat.

Beggars of all ages, including women and children, move freely to get money from people at different places, including markets, bazaars, and bus terminals, school teacher Razia Khursheed said. People urged the Social Welfare Department, Child Protection Welfare Bureau, and police to take action against beggars, whose number is increasing rapidly.
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