18 Held For Selling Roti, Naan At Higher Prices

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 29th Apr, 2024) The district administration got arrested 18 people for not selling ‘roti and naan’

at Rs 16 and Rs 20, respectively and also got registered 25 cases over price-related


In a crackdown, the teams of district administration headed by Assistant Commissioner

and Price Control Magistrates inspected 1,190 roti and naan points and found 68 points

in price violations in various parts of the city.

The enforcement teams imposed fine of Rs 60,000 on various tandoors for selling roti

and naan on high prices.

The approved rates have been set at Rs16 for a 100-gram roti and Rs 20 for a 120-gram


The district administration was actively ensuring the implementation of the new pricing

across the city.

Citizens are encouraged to report any discrepancies in roti and naan prices by calling

the helpline 0800003245.

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