Stage Drama Mohabati Manhoon Presents In Arts Council Larkana

LARKANA, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 28th Apr, 2024) The third Sindhi Improvisational stage play “Mohabati Manhoon”was presented in the open theater festival of Arts Council of Larkana here on Sunday.

Drama written by Ustad Naiz Shaikh under his direction.In play Drama Mohib Gopang, Reema Naz, Ejaz Syal, Yasin Mallah, Arbab Sheikh, Farid Sangi,Ustad Niaz Sheikh and others performed their roles in the stage play.

In the stage play, it was shown that a poor person is forced to starve due to inflation, and on the other hand, there is a debt pile up. In the play, a lover suggests a court marriage to his lover, to which the girl flatly refuses.

Finally, the girl’s father agrees to the marriage. Before that, the officials of Arts Council of Pakistan Larkana, Treasurer Abdul Nabi Sario, Deputy Secretary Shams Pareemi, the guests from writer Sikander Abbasi, former DIG Narcotics Advocate Riyaz Ahmed Soomro, President of Arts Council Qamber Shahdadkot Mumtaz Khaskheli.

The principal and renowned writer Prof Rizwan Gul and Dr Amanullah Jokio were felicitated. On this occasion, former DIG narcotics advocate Riyaz Ahmed Soomro distributed certificates to the actors under the name of “Ayaz Soomro Foundation” for their excellent performance.
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