Pakistani Youth Asked To Carry Forward Spirit Of Pak-China All-weather Friendship

BEIJING, (APP – UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 28th Apr, 2024) Vice President Centre for China and Globalization, Mike Liu has said that youth is the future of the world and called upon the Pakistani students and professionals to carry on spirit of all-weather strategic cooperative partnership between China and Pakistan to be part of the exciting journey.

Youth is the future of the world, and I look forward to your strong support and conviction to carry on the spirit of weather strategic cooperative partnership between our nations to be part of this exciting journey, he made these remarks while addressing Pakistan Professionals and Students Forum, organized by the Pakistan Embassy Beijing.

Under the theme of Bridging Academia and Industry, the forum aims to promote networking among Pakistani professionals and students.

The forum attracted hundreds of people from Pakistan, including senior government officials, business representatives, experts, scholars, students and Chinese business representatives.

In his speech, Mike Liu shared the economic development of China with the Pakistan professional and students and expressed the confidence that they can play a role to be the bridge between the two countries.

The most importantly with your personal efforts and support, we will foresee our solid relations to be elevated to the new heights, he added.

He also highlighted development of infrastructure, transportation and science and technology in China incredible progress towards to transforming the country.

He suggested the Pakistani community to travel to different part of the country, connecting with ordinary families, schools, private sectors, and government agencies to learn and share their thoughts to accelerate the transformation.

Let our curiosity take us to understand how to tackle those practical issues in our communities and amplify the power of learning in many other places in both China and Pakistan, he added.

The event brought together diverse participants, including students, researchers, educators, industry professionals, and policymakers, all united by a common goal of fostering stronger ties between academia and industry.

Through panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, attendees explored various strategies and best practices for enhancing collaboration and promoting mutual understanding between these two vital sectors.

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