KP Food Minister Visits Wheat Godown In Nowshehra

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 27th Apr, 2024) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Food Zahir Shah Toru paid a visit to the Azakhel wheat godown in Nowshehra, the other day.

The minister was accompanied by Secretary Food Zarif ul Muani along with other officials concerned.

The minister was briefed about the process of procurement of wheat and the measures taken for its safe storage in the warehouse.

During the visit, Zahir Shah Toru stated that the provincial cabinet had decided to purchase local wheat, aiming not only to procure quality wheat but also yielding significant financial benefits to the province.

He revealed that the provincial cabinet had approved the purchase of 600,000 metric tons of wheat for the year, setting the rate at 3,900 rupees per 40 kilograms, aligned with Federal, Punjab and Balochistan government rates.

Regarding the welfare of local growers, Shah assured that their interests would be safeguarded at all costs.

The minister emphasized the government‘s commitment toward transparency, highlighting ongoing efforts to digitize the administrative affairs of the food department to ensure accountability.

Zahir Shah Toru extended that five-member committee has also been constituted, comprising officials from the agriculture department, administration, and NAB to oversee the procurement, transportation, quality control, and prevention of malpractice during the whole procurement process.

Reiterating the government‘s zero-tolerance policy against corruption, Toru pledged exemplary punishment for anyone found involved in malpractice.
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