Chinas Diplomatic Policies Praised As Model For Global Relations

BEIJING, (APP – UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 27th Apr, 2024) Ambassador Shahid Malik has emphasized that regardless of a country’s size, China consistently upholds principles of equal respect. 

He made these remarks in a conversation with the urdu service of China Media Group while addressing a question regarding China‘s stance on sovereign equality, non-interference, and respect for other nations. 

China’s diplomatic strategies, particularly under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, have garnered widespread acclaim, being hailed as a blueprint for international relations. The adept management of bilateral relations with various countries has positioned China as a global role model. 

During a recent discussion, Shahid Malik, a notable figure, highlighted the significance of China‘s approach to fostering relations with other nations individually. This approach, underscored by mutual respect and cooperation, has effectively navigated complex global dynamics.


“China’s commendable ability to cultivate robust bilateral ties spans across continents, including Africa, Asia, and Latin America,” he stated. 

“Despite inevitable challenges, China consistently strives to nurture positive relations with all its counterparts.” 

Central to China‘s diplomatic philosophy are principles of sovereign equality, non-interference, and respect for other nations’ autonomy. 

Observers have lauded China‘s unwavering commitment to these principles, seeing them as crucial for maintaining stable and mutually beneficial international relationships. 

The remarks underscore the global interest in and admiration for China‘s diplomatic finesse, which is closely monitored by stakeholders worldwide.

Ambassador Malik concluded by affirming that China‘s diplomatic approach sets an exemplary standard for international affairs, urging other nations to emulate its pragmatic and respectful engagement with the global community.
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