First Liquor Store Opens in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Online English News

  • Store located in diplomatic quarter, catering to non-Muslim diplomats and expats
  • Customers require special permit and registration through mobile app
  • Strict regulations in place, including no entry for guests or under-21s

In a groundbreaking move, Saudi Arabia has opened its first-ever liquor store in the capital city of Riyadh, marking a significant shift towards liberalization. The store, located in the diplomatic quarter, will cater exclusively to non-Muslim diplomats and expatriates.

This historic milestone comes after months of speculation and preparation by the Saudi government. According to sources, customers will need to register through a mobile app and obtain a special permit to purchase alcohol. The store will operate under strict regulations, with no guests or individuals under 21 allowed entry. Photography and mobile phone use will also be prohibited.

The opening of the liquor store is seen as a significant step towards Saudi Arabia’s efforts to modernize and open up to the world. The move is expected to boost the country’s reputation as a tourist destination and attract more foreign investment.
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