Evee Electric Scooter Price and Features in Pakistan 2023

Evee, a pioneer in the electric scooter industry, has once again made waves with its latest innovation – the Flipper. This budget-friendly electric scooter, available in four vibrant colors—Matte Black, Red, Blue, and Green—promises to reshape the landscape of urban commuting.

The standout feature of the Flipper is its remarkable affordability, priced at just Rs. 95,000. With a seven-hour charging time, riders can hit the road faster, spending more time cruising and less time waiting for their scooter to power up.

Cutting-Edge Specifications and Features

Beneath its stylish design, the Flipper houses a robust 48V 12Ah lead-acid battery, offering an impressive range of 35-40 kilometers on a single charge.

Zooming ahead at a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour, thanks to its powerful 350-watt motor, the Flipper ensures a smooth and efficient ride. Stay informed about your speed, distance traveled, and battery life with the integrated digital meter.

This release follows Evee’s successful October launch of the C1 Air, priced at Rs. 300,000, boasting an impressive top speed of 70 km/h and a range of 120 kilometers on a single charge. The Evee lineup also includes the Evee C1 and Evee C1 Pro, priced at Rs. 200,000 and Rs. 230,000, respectively.

In a notable move, the Chinese bike giant Yadea recently introduced its electric scooter in Pakistan, marking the dawn of a new era in sustainable urban mobility. As the competition in the electric scooter market heats up, Evee continues to lead the way with affordable and innovative solutions for urban commuters.

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