Chinese Machinery Manufacturers Forecast Cooperation In Pakistan’s Agriculture Sector

BEIJING, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 1st Dec, 2023) Self-propelled plant protection machine, potato harvester, sugarcane harvester…a dazzling array of agricultural machineries developed by China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH) attracted attention from all directions at 2023 China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE).

“If there is any demand in Pakistan‘s agricultural sector, it can be through inter-governmental scientific and technological cooperation, whether it is machinery or technology, and we would love to expand bilateral cooperation space,” Li, a researcher at SINOMACH, told China Economic Net.

As a central enterprise group with the largest scale, the most complete business chain and the strongest R&D capabilities in China’s machinery industry, SINOMACH has begun to expand its global cooperation territory very early.

“Only our subsidiary YTO International Ltd has exported more than 65,000 units (sets) of agricultural machinery by far. Including Pakistan, its business scope covers more than 90 countries and regions,” Li added, “which divided into five major business units: Russian, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, America and Africa region.

As for technical training, Li mentioned that since the establishment in 1956, Chinese academy of Agricultural Mechanization Science Group Co., Ltd (CAAMS) has trained more than 4,500 international students. When it comes to successful case, the Teff Agricultural Machinery Small Mechanized Development Project of Ethiopia developed by CAAMS solved global problem of teff cultivation by addressing the characteristics of small grain size and easy lodging. “Topography, climate, soil, and hydrological conditions vary widely in different countries and regions, thus to make agricultural machinery truly meet the local needs, such as the needs of farmers in Pakistan, we must conduct systematic research and develop localized machinery.

Another CISCE exhibitor, Xingjiang Tianye Water Saving Irrigation System Company Ltd, also echoed in the field of agricultural machinery, of which water-saving irrigation system is of Primary importance.

The reporter learned that advanced agricultural machinery including water and fertilizer integrated machines, plant nutrition detectors, micrometeorographs have been promoted widely by Tianye Group in China and even other parts of the world.

“Pakistan is located in South Asia with a changeable climate, and like China, it is a country with serious water shortages. So to speak, our under-mulch film drip irrigation system could meet the needs of local growers. Since 1999, Tianye under-mulch film drip irrigation technology has begun to be promoted on a large scale in Xinjiang and a series of agricultural technology innovations and integrations such as agricultural varieties, machinery, agronomic cultivation, and water and fertilizer integration have been gradually realized based on this technology,” Yang, a staff with Tianye Group, emphasized.

At present, drip irrigation wheat, rice, corn, cotton, tomatoes, grapes, melons, red dates, etc. are all successful practices using this technology.

“Due to the similar climate, light and water conditions between Xinjiang and Pakistan,” Yang said, “there is great potential for cooperation in the field of agricultural machinery.”
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