Parliamentry Caucus On Child Rights To Ensure Well-being Of Children: NA Speaker

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 19th Nov, 2023) Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf stressed on the significance of child rights and stated that the Parliament has always vigorously worked for the welfare and well-being of children.

He stated that the Parliament, especially the 15th National Assembly, has achieved many milestones as regards to effective legislation for child welfare and child safety.

He further said, “There is a positive correlation between the socio-economic progress of a country and the state of well-being of its children”.

NA Speaker expressed these views on World Children’s Day which is commemorated on November 20 (tomorrow) of each year.

Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf expressed dismay over the poor state of welfare and well-being of children worldwide and the growing socio-economic problems.

The Speaker further elaborated on the effectiveness of the child-friendly and child welfare initiatives taken by the 15th National Assembly, namely the 1st ever Summer Democracy school, under 18 Internship Program, children’s speech competition held on the floor of the National Assembly along with 1st ever Children’s Parliament and the formation of 1st ever Parliamentary Caucus on Child Rights.

He reiterated that the Parliament is completely committed to the mission of welfare and betterment of children

Speaker NA expressed deep resentment over the shameful violation of child rights and war crimes being committed against Palestinian and Kashmiri children and stated that instead of launching collective and universal initiatives for the betterment of children the world is still silently witnessing such heinous and gruesome acts of violence against children.

The Speaker stressed the ignorance and negligence of the International Community over the continuous & blatant violation of child rights and war crimes being committed by fascist Israeli Occupation Forces and the State of India against children of Palestine and Kashmir, respectively.

He further stated that in addition to the prevalent socio-economic hurdles towards the achievement of child welfare and well-being, war crimes and genocide have made things far worse than one can imagine.

Furthermore, the NA Speaker expressed profound grief over the destruction of hospitals in Palestine, the loss of precious lives of innocent Palestinian children and the unimaginable misery being faced by children of Palestine due to the immoral, inhumane, and illegal Israeli bombardment.
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