Sports Activities Emphasised For Offspring To Produce Quality Future Architects Of The Nation

MIRPUR ( AJK) : Nov 12 (APP):, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point news – 12th Nov, 2023) With the renewal of the resolve to deliver quality education harmonious to the need of the modern age to the offspring under the spirit to produce quality future architects, the Speakers including the academic and the Sports trainer Waqas Ahmed, Attiya Tauqeer Sarah Ishafaq, Amna Atiq, Sidra Ahmed and others lauded the outstanding performance of the students in the games through developing full confidence and exposure during the course of their extraordinary performance on this occasion.

Besides the chief guests, the school’s principal gave away medals and shields to the students in acknowledgment of their outstanding performance in the day-long event.

The students who secured distinctions demonstrating their outstanding performance in the gala included Ashas ul Amin, Ainoor asim, Dania furqan, Adeera, Affan khan, Ayesha noor, Muhammad Ali, Shehriyar shah and others. through the requisite curricular and co-curricular activities, local campus of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) School campus hosted a colourful annual Sports festival at the Muslim Hands Austroturf Football Ground here late Saturday.

The grand gala contained a 100-meter race, tug of war, relay race, spoon ad lemon race besides other related events which lasted for over 06 hours.

The grand ceremony involved the co-curricular activities on regular basis to bring forth their learners innovation. “The learners’ creativity could be observed in all segments of the annual sports day project conceived by them”, said Mrs. Ayesha Imran Mirza, Principal, IIUI School, Mirpur Campus while addressing the ceremony, largely attended by the school students besides the academic and co-curricular staff.

The school’s Director Administration Attique Ul Amin Khan, Principal Mrs. Ayesha Imran and Vice Principal Mrs. Maria Attque Khan highlighted the curricular and co-curricular activities of the school with reference to various laurals clinched by shinning stars including both boy and girl students of the school in the annual examinations as well as the sports events.

Addressing the ceremony, the Chief Guest Adil Mahmood Khan, Secretary Transport (Retd) AJK Government and A.H Nizami veteran Kashmiri writer and Analyst emphasized the need of the individual and collective role by both the teachers and the parents for the eradication of illiteracy from its roots and with special focus to raise the rate of literacy through dispensation of quality education in the country including Azad Jammu Kashmir.

“We will have to produce the quality future architects of the nation to enter in the ranks of the developed nations through extending quality education harmonious to the need of the latest era”.

Highlighting the curricular and extracurricular activities of her school under the spirit to extend quality studies to the students to the expectations of the students and the parents, Mrs. Imran Mirza elaborated the future plans of the School to deliver the quality education harmonious to the needs of the modern era under the uniformed policy, set by the top management of the globally-fame International Islamic University Islamabad Schools network in the country including AJK.

The school students’ presentations also comprised running, marching past besides national songs and the national anthem besides the events illustrated to their curricular and co-curricular activities

The participant school children enjoyed the performance of their school fellow students who presented various items related to their academic and co-academic activities.

Speakers including Chief Guest A H Nizami, while giving away medals to the positions holding students, expressed the hope that during the all-time development process and establishment phase, the teaching staff of the school will be imparted the required professional training to enhance their academic skills.

He urged to boost stringent efforts for producing quality nursery students through extending requisite quality education at the just beginning of their educational career.
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