Experts Recommended Industrial Waste Water Purification To Resolve Scarcity

HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 5th Nov, 2023) Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro has organized a seminar focused on the latest research findings concerning water issues here at the water research center of the university. In which the public was informed about the results of the research projects initiated with the grant of the Higher education Commission of Pakistan.

According to a press release issued on Sunday, representatives from various departments, including the textile industry, food industry, Sindh Agriculture Department, Sindh Environmental Protection Agency, Sindh University, and Mehran University Jamshoro, actively participated in the event. The attendees comprised research experts, young scholars, and students of environmental studies.

Prof. Dr. Rasool Bux Mehar, Prof. Dr. Kamran Ansari, and Dr. Tanveer Gadahi shared comprehensive insights about three research projects during the seminar. Speaking to researchers and the media on this occasion, Dr. Tanveer has said that most of the water used in Pakistan‘s industries was wasted as waste and contamination. Mehran University’s research has developed technology capable of purifying the polluted water discharged from textile and chemical industries. The seminar also explained how to run this technology through the heat released from generators, turbines, and boilers.

Another project described the process of making biogas or fertilizer by mixing waste water from various industries with manure.

In this context, detailed information was given about the methods of scientific research conducted by Mehran University and the results obtained from them.

According to the experts, monitoring of the water quality of the Indus River was also being done under the ongoing research project at the Water Center of Mehran University, and during this three-year project, samples will be taken from various barrages, dams, and canals to obtain scientific information about the pollutants present in the river water and suggest measures for their elimination.

Earlier, Dr. Kamran Ansari, the Director of Mehran University’s Water Center, stressed the need for educational and research institutions to offer solutions to address prevalent issues. He emphasized the joint responsibility of government bodies and relevant industries to effectively utilize the outcomes of scientific research for good results.

Addressing the seminar, representatives from Al-Raheem Textiles and Green Tech Technologies, Irfan Ansari and Dr. Tahir Mehmood, praised Mehran University’s research work, highlighting the potential of their scientific experts in finding solutions through high-quality research. They also emphasized the crucial need for government oversight in these endeavors. The seminar concluded with the distribution of shields and certificates among the researchers in recognition of their contributions.
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