UAE Wins First Prize In Technology Challenge For People Of Determination

ABU DHABI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM – 01st Nov, 2023) On Friday afternoon, the final round of the Global Information Technology Challenge for Youth of determination 2023 concluded at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC). The UAE team emerged as the first-place winner in the challenge focused on using information technology to enhance the lives of people of determination, known as “Creative IoT E.” The awards ceremony honoured 36 individuals, 12 teams, and 5 special award winners. These competitions were held for the first time in the middle East and North Africa region. The results were announced, and the winners were recognized in the six challenge categories after three days of intense competition.

The organising committee of the challenge recognized the teams and individuals for their exceptional achievements across various categories for people of determination. Five special awards were presented, including the Global Technology Leader Award 2023, which was awarded to Muhammad Nazir Danesh from Malaysia in recognition of his exceptional talent.Marian Sharifa from Kenya and Elias Bobi from Ethiopia were honored with the Outstanding Superhero awards. Participants from Malaysia won a total of 19 awards in various individual competition categories. Additionally, contribution awards were given to the Philippines team and the Malaysia team to acknowledge their outstanding contributions.

During the awards ceremony, Asaad Hawas, the Director of Project Management Office at the Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination, praised this groundbreaking challenge that brought together 536 participants from 18 countries. Among them, 461 young men and women between the ages of 14 and 23 were showcased, alongside 75 dedicated supervisors, including government experts in the field of disabilities from the participating countries.

This exceptional gathering transcended geographical boundaries, with representatives from 16 countries attending in person, while two countries actively participated through virtual video conferences.
In his speech during the award ceremony, he stated, “We must recognize that people of determination possess unique abilities, talents, and goals that enable them to confront the challenges they face.

We must support their rights to equal opportunities and privileges, just like everyone else.” He also called for improvement, innovation, and collaborative efforts to enhance the usability and effectiveness of assistive technology.

Hawas expressed his gratitude to everyone who contributed to the successful hosting and organization of the competition and its accompanying events. This includes the speakers, committee members, and attendees. He also extended his thanks to the organization’s partners from the local community, such as the University of Al Ain, Cyber Security, CyberJet, and Abu Dhabi Polytechnic. Additionally, he acknowledged the exceptional participation of the Abu Dhabi Police leadership and the Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed academy.

Hawas also thanked the challenge’s sponsors, the Zayed Volunteer and Rescue Team, and the organizers who put in their efforts to achieve this outstanding success.

The total number of participating countries in the 2023 Global Information Technology Challenge for Youth with Disabilities was 18, categorised by regions as follows:
-North East Asia (3 countries): Korea, Mongolia, China.
-South East Asia (7 countries): Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines.
-South Asia (4 countries): Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan.
-Middle East (1 country): United Arab Emirates.
-Africa (3 countries): Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt.

The challenge featured a series of exciting competitions over two days on October 25 and 26. On the first day, two prominent competitions were held: “eCreative Smart car,” which assessed participants’ skills in programming self-driving cars using Scratch software, and “eContent,” where participants showcased their creativity by creating and editing videos on specific topics.

On the second day, four other engaging challenges were presented: “eToolPpt” evaluated the skills in preparing and editing presentations, “eTool Excel” assessed proficiency in data manipulation, calculations, and editing under specific conditions, “eLifeMap” measured the ability to use the internet to address daily life challenges, and “eCreativeIOT” evaluated the ability to improve the lives of people with disabilities through technology or innovative ideas.×404/pic_1698783307_50d61.jpg
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