KP Govt Put In Place Inclusive Mechanism For Repatriation Of Illegal Foreigners

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 31st Oct, 2023) The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has put in place an inclusive mechanism for the smooth repatriation of all illegal foreigners to their home countries on a voluntary or detained basis after the expiry of the deadline today.

“The October 31 deadline set for repatriation of illegal foreigners is going to expire today. From November 1 (tomorrow), the law would take its course and all illegal foreigners belonging to any country would be detained for repatriation to the native countries,” said Feroz Jamal, caretaker Information Minister KP while talking to reporters here at Home and Tribal Affairs Department where he was briefed in detailed about the illegal foreigners repatriation plan by Additional Chief Secretary Home and Tribal Affairs, Muhammad Abid Majeed.

The Minister said Wednesday and Thursday were reserved for repatriation of the detained illegal foreigners coming from Islamabad, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir, Friday and Saturday for Punjab and Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for KP that would be deported through Torkham border Khyber connecting Pakistan and Afghanistan where elaborate border security arrangements were put in place by Government of Pakistan.

Faroz Jamal clarified that voluntary repatriation would continue even after the expiration of the deadline today and would be facilitated. He said hoarding areas at Landi Kotal Khyber, Peshawar and Haripur districts were established where detained illegal foreigners would be kept before deportation to their homes after completion of legal formalities.

Additional Secretary Home, Abid Majeed said the detainees would be shifted in buses and other transports for deportation. He clarified that illegal foreigners involved in criminal cases would continue to face the law and would not be detailed unless cleared by courts.

Abid Majeed said that about 1,500 illegal foreigners could be detained at the hoarding area of Landi Kotal Khyber, 2,000 at WW Colony Peshawar and 400 at Haripur district. He said the control room at the Home Department under the supervision of Additional Secretary Home and Tribal Affairs Department, Qaiser Khan has been set up for monitoring of the repatriation process, coordination with relevant departments and speedy resolution of complaints. The control room started receiving live messages and complaints that were being addressed quickly with the help of Deputy Commissioners, immigration, FIA and other relevant authorities.

Feroz Jamal said that voluntarily reparation continued smoothly via Torkhum border where 11,533 illegal foreigners yesterday returned to their home country. “So far 82,549 illegal foreigners have returned to their home countries on voluntarily basis between October 6-29 while mapping/identification of 50,919 illegal foreigners settled in different districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were completed for action,” he said. The crackdown would start from November 1 and all foreigners who did not possess legal documents would be shifted to the above hoarding areas and would be departed under foreign act.

Out of 82,549, 4797 were families including 20746 male,14505 female, 47280 children returned to their native states voluntarily.

Abid Majeed made it clear that an inclusive border management system was put in place at Torkhum and other crossing points between Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Afghanistan and no foreigner would be allowed to enter Pakistan unless he showed a valid legal document including visa and passport from November 1 and onward.

Feroz Jamal said that no country in the world can allow entry or stay of illegal foreigners and Pakistan being a responsible democratic state would ensure that all foreigners living here have a valid visa and passport.

He said the deportation process was aimed at providing a better and secure environment to residents of Pakistan. As per the repatriation plan, a police mobile at the boundary of KP and Punjab would be deployed for the security of illegal foreigners being deported to their home country while refreshments services would be provided at Landi Kotal hoarding camp.

Later, they would be transferred through buses and other transports to the Torkham border where Federal Investigation Agency’s official and other relevant authorities would make their necessary verification before moving to Afghanistan.

Under the Integrated Border Management System (IBMS), the total capacity of FIA staff at Torkham is 2500 while eight additional staff were deployed for smooth repatriation of illegal immigrants. At Angoor Ada South Waziristan, FIA’s staff total capacity is 1000 while seven additional staff deployed besides 1000 employees each at Khalachi Kurram and Ghulam Khan in North Waziristan cross points with seven additional staff respectively.

Feroz Jamal said KP was facing financial constraints due to poor policies of the past governments and the speedy release of arrears and outstanding amounts including net hydel profit by the federal government would help address the financial woes of the province.

He accused the previous PTI Government of recruiting about 1109 social media influencers on taxpayers money who were providing Rs25000 each per month while sitting at homes allegedly for making propaganda for the party that deceived people in the name of change for the last 10 years.

Feroz Jamal said great responsibilities rest on the media and civil society to guide youth in the right direction and promote a culture of tolerance, affection and brotherhood imperative for a peaceful society and mutual coexistence.

The minister said despite limited financial resources, he said funds were released for sehat card, BRT and others projects and no overdraft was taken from banks during the last eight months which showed caretaker government‘s strong financial discipline and effective financial policies.

The minister appreciated the efforts of the Home and tribal affairs department for the illegal foreigners repatriation plan and directed for strengthening of coordination with staff at Torkham and other crossing points for facilitation of illegal immigration to their home countries.
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