SSUET Celebrates Sir Syed Day

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 30th Oct, 2023) A thought-provoking event was organized by Sir Syed University of Engineering and Aligarh Institute of Technology to mark the birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in which prominent scholars and researchers of the country participated and shed light on various aspects of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s personality and services.

Addressing the Sir Syed Day event, renowned writer and critic Zabe Azkar Hussain said that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’ s period was an era of chaos. Observing the situation with the right perspective, Sir Syed saved the nation from adventurism. Sir Syed wanted the freedom of expression and thought. He drew the attention of the Muslims of the subcontinent towards scientific education and did a great deal in modern literature which his predecessors had not done.

Noted scholar Prof. Dr. Rais Ahmad Samdani said that Pakistan would not have been established without the efforts of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. He was a true supporter of humanity. Sir Syed laid the foundation for writing the preface. When he realized that his government job would be a hurdle in his mission, he resigned from the job.

Dr. Salman Sarwat said that Sir Syed had a multidimensional personality and the most important aspect of his life was that he was a reformer and a leader. He was a social leader, not a political figure, who gave Primary importance to modern education.

His biggest mission was to change the concept of Muslim education. Knowledge is not the property of a nation; it is the asset of humanity. Foundation of the knowledge should not be on superstition but on rationalism, Sir Syed had said.

Presenting a vote of thanks, the Vice Chancellor of Sir Syed University, Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin said that it was a great honor for the university to organize an event for such a great leader of the subcontinent, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and to pay him the glowing tribute for his valuable services and contribution.

His legacy is a beacon of light for us. He played an important and effective role in the cultural and educational evolution of the Muslims of the subcontinent. We need to focus on his doctrines and follow his ideological principles. Present time demands to follow the footsteps of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to regain dignity and pride, Dr. Vali added.

The Vice-Chancellor immensely appreciated the efforts of Registrar Commodore (r) Syed Sarfraz Ali and his team including faculty, and staff members for holding such a great successful event.

Conducting the event, Dr. Arshad Rizvi said that knowledge is the greatest need of society. Nations rise after decline. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan realized that without acquiring modern education, Muslims cannot grow and advance in the race of cultural and civilized values.
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