Senate Voices Concern For Gaza, Calls For Immediate Ceasefire, Humanitarian Aid

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 30th Oct, 2023) The Senate on Monday expressed concerns over Israeli atrocities against innocent people of Palestine and urged for immediate ceasefire and providing essential humanitarian aid to alleviate their suffering .

The House reiterated the necessity for international bodies to uphold justice and support the establishment of a free Palestine.

The special session was requisitioned to debate the current situation in Palestine and the House started debate on a motion under rule 218 which was jointly moved by Senators of all political parties in the House.

The motion condemned the Israeli atrocities and aggressive actions against the innocent Palestinians and willing violation of Geneva Convention and UN Resolution on Palestine, and especially barbaric Israeli airstrikes on Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza hence hundreds of innocent people, patients and Hospital staff were died. It also reiterated the government of Pakistan to describe efforts made by Pakistan in this scenario.

Taking part in debate, Leader of the House Senator Ishaq Dar brought attention to the urgent Gaza issue, underscoring his proactive efforts to address the matter.

He revealed that he had dispatched a letter on October 19, advocating for a Senate session dedicated to the Gaza crisis.

The Senator emphasized the pressing need for immediate action, urging all stakeholders, including the United Nations and other international agencies, to actively engage in resolving the conflict and supporting the people of Palestine.

Highlighting the escalating humanitarian crisis, he stressed the importance of granting the people of Palestine the fundamental right to live in peace within an independent state.

Expressing solidarity with the Palestinian cause, Senator Dar condemned the relentless Israeli bombing, which had led to the tragic loss of over 8,000 lives, predominantly comprising innocent children and women.

He lamented the recent bombing on a hospital, resulting in the devastating loss of more than 500 individuals, including patients and medical staff, calling it a stark violation of humanitarian norms.

In response, Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Shahzad Waseem, emphasized Pakistan‘s deep historical and religious affiliation with Palestine, condemning the atrocities committed against the innocent Palestinian populace.

He echoed the sentiments of the global community, emphasizing the need for unrestricted protests, both within Pakistan and abroad, to highlight the gravity of the situation.

Senator Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani denounced the dual standards employed by certain Western powers, urging for concerted international efforts to achieve an unconditional ceasefire and establish a complete independent Palestinian state.

He criticized the increase in US funding to Israel despite the continued atrocities, highlighting the need for a more balanced and principled approach to the conflict.

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